5 Best Ways to Market Health Websites

5 Best Ways to Market Health Websites

Market Health Websites

A value proposition can make or break your worthiness in the eyes of a consumer. Here’s how to make it stand out.

With 4.7 billion health-related searches every day, standing out within the crowded health market can feel like a daunting task. However, increasing web traffic and driving clicks to your health brand website can be achieved using several low-cost digital marketing strategies known to boost brand awareness. Here are the top five ways to market your health brand website.

  1. Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising. This may not be the lowest cost strategy to employ, but it can help health brands rapidly increase both web traffic as well as sales conversions. The drawback with PPC is that in order to minimize cost, these campaigns must be closely monitored and analyzed to pinpoint ways to optimize their effectiveness. Because clicks are tracked with PPC, health brands can gain a lot of information about how their target market(s) search for products and services, as well as what messaging may entice consumers to actually click through to a health-related website.
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you’re looking for a proven, long-term strategy to keep your health website consistently ranked, then implementing an SEO campaign is definitely the best solution. The more content you create, with specific keywords woven into the copy, the higher your website’s overall rank on search engines will be. To truly leverage this strategy, you’ll want to invest in keyword research and incorporate these words or phrases into any brand content posted online, including your website copy, blog articles, and social media posts. It’s also important to consider how voice search may factor into the keywords your target market is using when searching for websites through a voice-activated assistant such as Alexa.
  3. High-Volume Blog. The best way to stay in front of your ideal consumer group is by creating content that fits their interest or may contain information that they are likely to be actively searching for. In order to position your blog to capture a larger audience, more consistently, and be a tool to help you rank higher in searches, you’ll want to aim to post at least three new articles each week. This volume of new content can be challenging to achieve, but the more frequently you can add to your health brand’s blog, the more effective this strategy will be in the long run.
  4. Social Media Advertising. As more social media platforms lower the cost to advertise to millions of followers, this can be a great channel to expand your health brand’s reach. To maximize your marketing ROI, you’ll want to leverage the robust targeting tools available to health marketers within each social media’s business dashboard. In this way, health brands can ensure that their marketing messages and content are being shown to the right consumer segments that best fit their ideal customer profile(s). In addition, analyzing social media metrics such as increase in followers, post engagements, comments, and website traffic from social platforms are all critical to monitor to gauge which type of content (video, text, image posts, etc.) performs best on various platforms.
  5. Microvideos. With over 1 billion hours of videos watched each day (on YouTube alone), there’s no wonder that video content can be a driving force to increase website traffic. Whether health brands leverage videos for testimonials or to promote new products, they are a great way to bring your health brand to life. The key is in creating videos that are highly engaging, short, and contain a clear call to action to the viewer. These microvideos can additionally be used as advertising assets on video-based platforms like Snapchat or posted as stories content for Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Cutting through the health website “white noise” takes a concerted and highly strategic approach. If you’d like to explore how to rapidly increase your website’s reach, then let’s connect. I’d be happy to share some actionable strategies you can use that will be both cost-effective and boost sales conversions.


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