Is Your Retail Brand on Mute?

Is Your Retail Brand on Mute?


Make sure your brand voice can be heard by your target audience.

In today’s Zoom’d out world, it happens in almost every every meeting: A coworker can be seen making a comment, but there’s nothing but silence. Then six people blurt in unison, “You’re on mute!”

This same phenomenon happens all the time with retail brands around the world, and not just in virtual meetings. When a brand goes on mute, it conveys a sense of disconnection with their target audience. That’s why the most successful retail brands know how to remain relevant, stay top of mind for consumers and still convey a strong brand voice.

Not sure if your retail brand is on mute? Here are three ways to find out.

  1. You sound like everyone else. This is the fastest way to tarnish your brand reputation. You don’t want messaging to sound or feel regurgitated because consumers aren’t looking to spend money with “generic” brands. Your goal as a retailer is to give customers a unique shopping experience that feels different, personalized and “not the norm.” The more you can speak directly to consumers in a way that resonates with them and rises above the marketing white noise, the more relevant you’ll be and the higher the likelihood that they’ll buy from you.

  2. You’re only in one place online. Today’s consumer takes a multi-channel approach to online shopping and research. If you’re not on the platforms they use, you’re missing a chance to interact with them. Being too focused on one platform assumes your consumer will find you and be moved enough to buy. When you can show up on multiple platforms your target audience uses, then you can consistently position your brand as the go-to.

  3. You’re not offering anything special. This may sound harsh, but retail consumers want to feel as if they have exclusive access to a new, better or different solution. Phrases like “made with organic ingredients” or “our team is what makes us different” are not compelling or unique value propositions that would lead someone to choose your over your competitors. Whatever your “secret sauce” is that makes you untouchable in the market, be sure it is showcased prominently across all online platforms.

With many new e-commerce brands to choose from now, consumers are being even more selective about who they buy from. That’s why the best way to truly stand out is to speak up! Let your target audience know that you’re there with dynamic messaging that speaks their language on as many platforms as you can. The last thing you want to do is “be on mute” for the consumer. Because once your brand goes silent, it will be even harder to get in front of people who are ready to buy.

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