Landing Page Audit: Get More Retail Consumer Leads

Landing Page Audit: Get More Retail Consumer Leads


A landing page doesn’t just get used for sales, it’s also an important lead harvesting tool. Here are 3 retailers can utilize it.

How can you easily capture leads, increase your health brand awareness, and attract a large number of health consumers? 

Lead generation landing pages have become a unique form of marketing art that both draw potential customers in and give health brands the opportunity to grow their email lists. The key to creating a lead generation landing page that converts all comes down to how you design the page and what you offer those in exchange for their email address.

Here are the top 3 lead generation tips to consider:

  1. Give something away. The most effective landing pages offer something to web visitors in exchange for their email address or other identifying information. What a health brand offers could be a lead magnet (i.e. an informational report), promotional discount on a new product or service, or exclusive access to something not normally available to the public. Whatever the free “gift” is, it needs to be compelling and relevant to what the target audience needs or is highly interested in.
  2. Ask for enough information without asking for too much. The power in any lead generation landing page is in how prospective customers use it. Keep in mind that this page is a “transaction”, where the consumer is giving something in order to get something in return. And, the key is, it needs to be a relatively even exchange. Landing pages should at a minimum ask for the customer’s first name and email address. Telehealth brands may also choose to ask for geographical information or previous/current medical concerns. However, asking for too much information or making your landing page lengthy can work against you and have many consumers leaving the page without offering up any information.
  3. Make the page simple and easy to navigate. A landing page should be one page, preferably with no more than 2 paragraphs of text. It should be clear what health consumers are getting on the page and language should also explain the mode in which they will receive their free gift (i.e. via email, being sent to a download page, etc.) If a landing page is confusing or results in a negative user experience, this will dramatically decrease the number of leads the page will generate.

As with any form of marketing, lead generation landing pages should be continuously tested to see how certain design elements and text may influence the success rate of the page. You may find that having blue buttons or offering a free consultation instead of a 25% off coupon may increase the number of leads. That’s why it is essential to not just test your landing page versions but to also use that testing data to inform how you create winning landing pages going forward. 

Could your lead generation landing pages use a thorough audit? Let’s touch base and I would be happy to provide a review and strategic recommendations to improve your online marketing tools. 


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