3 Pinterest Trends Marketers Need to Know

3 Pinterest Trends Marketers Need to Know


Marketing on Pinterest has gotten easier with the introduction of these three new features.

Social media use in 2020 has been at an all-time high, as many people were forced to be homebound during the pandemic. Pinterest, in the second quarter alone, added 49 million new users and saw a significant 39% increase in user activity. Those brands that were able to offer inspirational messages, DIY tips and tricks, or creative ways to transform home spaces were more widely searched for and purchased from.

This rapid increase in user engagement and from specific insights gathered from Pinterest’s research teams, the platform is launching a host of new changes to help retailers connect with users.

The Today Tab

The recent announcement of the new, “Today” feature promises to give users new recommendations on boards to follow and brands to check out. The feature will appear on a user’s Pinterest home page and will show topics and ideas curated by Pinterest employees as well as trending pins. This way users can see what others are searching, and the content they’re likely looking for as soon as they log in online.

Verified Merchant Profiles

Another notable addition to Pinterest is the new verified merchant program. As many retail stores have shut down, and as the number of ‘fly by night’ online retailers has exploded, Pinterest wanted to reassure its users of which brands they could trust. Now, verified retailers can apply to be ‘verified’ by the platform, which means that their profiles will have a blue check. This signifies that they have fair return policies and shipping rates. It also adds yet another way that retailers can stand out and earn users’ trust.

Detailed Consumer Insights

Pinterest has a greater insight into consumer preferences and behavior better than any other social media platform. And, in March, the platform saw a surge of pins related to self-care, spanning at-home fitness tips, healthy eating, creating productive workspaces at home, even how to practice meditation and yoga. As a result, retailers were able to tap into these insights to position their products at the precise moment that consumers were indirectly looking for them. 

As the pandemic has stretched on, Pinterest has continued to work closely with retail brands, sharing these key insights to help them better position their messaging to provide enhanced user experiences.

For retail brands looking to pivot or engage with the new crisis-oriented consumers, tapping into the incredible new features that Pinterest is offering could be the way to differentiate their messaging in the market and get it in front of consumers who are actively searching for solutions.


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