3 Reasons Advertising on YouTube is Good for Retail

3 Reasons Advertising on YouTube is Good for Retail

Advertising on Youtube for Retail

As the second largest search engine in the world, retailers would be remiss if they didn’t advertise on the video platform.

When it comes to making shopping easy for consumers, leveraging YouTube and encouraging viewers to engage with your videos is why retailers cannot afford to advertise on the global video platform. Having the ability to position video ads in front of over 1.9 billion active users every month, YouTube has become one of the best online marketing tools to increase e-commerce sales. And, with TrueView for Shopping campaigns that enable YouTube viewers to click through to a brand’s products, consumers now can easily purchase items that are right in front of them on the screen. 

Not only does this dramatically increase viewer engagement, but it also increases the number of views, getting your product in front of potentially millions of more consumers, but it also reduces the marketing spend you have to commit to start seeing a return on your investment. For example, many retailers are now using TrueView for Shopping campaigns to increase their online e-commerce sales for just $0.04 cost per view.

If that wasn’t convincing enough, here are three other reasons why advertising on YouTube is good for retail.

Reach a Younger Audience

The average age of consumers who regularly watch YouTube is between 18 and 25. This makes leveraging the platform ideal for brands and retailers that are looking to target a younger, ready-to-buy audience. And since many of these users are consistently engaging with video content (the platform generates 1 billion views per day), the number of touchpoints your retail brand can have could be exponentially higher than on any other online social media platform.

Attract Brand Influencers

In today’s influencer and social-proof driven consumer world, the more views you can garner on YouTube the better positioned your brand will be to get influencers to endorse your products. And once this happens, the cost per view for a retail brand’s video advertising campaigns could very well be closer to $0.01 per view.

Better Chance of Going Viral

Unlike any other online video channel, YouTube offers retail brands the opportunity to produce videos that go viral and get seen by millions of consumers around the world. And, coupling a viral video with click-through-to-website shopping options, a retailer could easily generate higher brand awareness, greater consumer engagement, and a significant uptick in e-commerce sales.

With the cost of advertising on the booming video platform, retailers would be remiss not to at least try it. As more and more consumers prefer to buy directly through a video ad, e-commerce retailers can strategically position their products in front of millions of eager shoppers who won’t think twice about clicking and checking out.


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