3 Things You Must Do In Writing Your Content for SEO

3 Things You Must Do In Writing Your Content for SEO


All SEO strategies are not made equally, especially with the already overcrowded digital marketplace. When you know and can incorporate these three SEO strategies, then you establish a solid competitive advantage.

With over 2.5 quintillion pieces of content on the internet, standing out from what’s already posted and making sure your target audience can find you can be a challenge. That’s where leveraging SEO can be an effective tool to ensure that your content and marketing messages are seen by the masses. 

However, the question becomes how can you use SEO to truly maximize your marketing reach?

Here are three key ways you can do just that:

Write for your customers. The days of “keyword stuffing” or using any and all possible search words in your content are long gone. You want to be both intentional and concise in your content and use keywords to complement your messaging. To do this, you will need to study your target audience and identify not just the topics or areas of interest for them, but also the keywords they are likely to use to search for content, products, or services. In addition, finding ways to include location-specific keywords are ideal to capture the local market as well. The key is to create content and messaging that immediately resonates with your audience and appeals to either a need or a want they have. When you’re able to do this and add SEO in the mix, then your reach will be broad and highly effective to drive traffic to your website.

Incorporate images. A picture is really worth a thousand words in online marketing. With the average consumer attention span being around 8 seconds, the more you can leverage infographics, images, and even captivating videos to market your business, the better. It is important that you use high-quality images that support your messaging and help to convey an immediate benefit to your target audience. By using metatags on images and various naming conventions that include keywords specific to your target market, you can help to boost your search engine results. This is especially true on Google images and on image-driven sites like Pinterest.

Link to your social media profiles. Consumers want to build engagement with the brands they buy from. Marketing research shows that 1 out of every 4 consumers who buy from a particular company also follow them on social media. And, 52% of brand discovery occurs on social media. That’s why it is important as often as possible to link your web content to your social media pages. This includes providing links on blog articles, press releases, even in email marketing campaigns, encouraging people to like and follow you on their social media platform of choice. To boost your search results across the board, incorporating keywords in your social media content is key. That way when consumers search online, your website content and your social media content will be front and center.

If you haven’t created a targeted SEO strategy to maximize your marketing reach and make your site more shoppable, I’d love to connect and see if I can provide actionable support. Feel free to reach out to me, and we can find a time to review your current strategies and identify additional ways to optimize your SEO campaigns moving forward.


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